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ACSMC Minutes – 14th January 2013

Minutes of General Committee Meeting

on 14th January 2013

at Mytchett Community Centre

Commencing at 8.00pm



Steve Castle – Chairman & Training, Alan Spratt – Training,   Peter Cox – Autotest Championship Co-ordinator,     Dave Walton – Executive member,    Mike Cawthra – Secretary, Tony Pettie – treasurer, Dave Whyman – Speed championship co-ordinator

Also representatives of the following clubs   CranleighMC, Craven MC, Oxford MC,    NWMC, Farnborough DMC, RAOC, Guildford MC, Sutton and Cheam MC , Basingstoke MC, Middlesex CAC, Central Sussex MC, Bournemouth & DMC,


1. Chairman’s Remarks

The Chairman welcomed all attendees to the meeting and thanked all championship co-ordinators for another successful year.


2. Apologies for Absence

Phil Collings – Vice Chairman, Southern CC, Jules Golby Surrey RLO


3. Minutes of Meeting 29 October 2012

These had been circulated prior to the meeting, and were proposed, accepted and signed as a true record.


4. Matters Arising from those Minutes

The feedback notes from Ben Taylor (MSA) who attended the previous meeting were discussed, particularly in the respect of the landowners and liability. Ben had written to us a few days after the meeting recording his summary of the issues that we had discussed with him. The chairman will follow up now (3 months on) with Ben to establish any progress that he has been able to make on any of the issues discussed.


5. Secretary’s Report

Buckmore Park Kart Club declining to rejoin ACSMC this year.

Discussion about collating events submitted by clubs to the secretary into type and getting onto the  website ASAP

Discussion about the best way to update the club contact details into the access database and thence key contacts onto the website. Dave Whyman offered that the year book was really superceded now by the website, suggested concentrating on getting the event and club key contact details correct on the website.


6. Championship Secretaries’ Reports

Autotest: Peter Cox .  Change to regulations that roadgoing class has been split on basis of wheelbase. Series production sports cars also included into this class. MX5 and lotus elise for example. Discussion on autosolo championship had continued after the last meeting. Peter wanted to attract a current competitor to organise, but has not been successful to date. General view that this was worth pursuing, put the feelers out.

Trials:  Report sent in by Colin:
Registrations are appearing, but slowly – 5 so far – this is normal and I would expect to have a clearer idea of this year’s numbers after the second event.

The first event of the year is next Sunday – 20th January – near Cambridge. The second event of the year (run by Falcon MC and also an MSA/BTRDA/ASEMC/AWMMC round) is on 10th February. This clash with the ACSMC Awards afternoon means that there will be no Car Trials representation at the Awards.

A new undertaking which may impact on numbers in the ACSMC Championship is the “Eastern Trials Challenge Winter Series” which has been set up between Falcon MC, West Suffolk MC, Cambridge CC, Eastern Counties MC, and Sporting CC of Norfolk. This series will run at Clubmans permit level, and includes the Falcon events in the ACSMC Championship. It is free for members of the above clubs, does not even require registration by competitors (they will be picked up by club from the results), and will not require competition licenses as far as I can see – this will be a big consideration as many triallers are license-phobic. Time will tell, but I can envisage many competitors ‘north of the M25’ looking to this series rather than any championship below national level

Speed:    Dave Whyman reported 35 hillclimbers 45 sprinters by end 2012. Tim Cole won sprint, Simon Boulter 2nd and best novice. This is down on how it was a few years ago, but we are holding our own when compared to other regional associations except SW, but the regional bias is really quite venue specific or club specific (e.g. Borough 19).

Hamilton Classics can no longer support the speed events, so no sponsor for 2013. But will hold the rates for this year nonetheless.

Rallies: Barry   –  The 2013 Hamilton Classic ACSMC Tarmacadam Rally Championship regulations have been approved and Permit No 3/2013 has been issued.


Autocross:  Tim  has championship well in hand, but no report to date.


Awards  – note sent out by the chairman coped here:

Just a quick note to let you know that we now have a confirmed date for the 2012 Awards Presentation Ceremony. We will be using the Napier Room at Brooklands Museum again (it used to be called the Chequered Flag room) on Sunday 10th February. I suggest starting at 2pm, following on from our Marshals Briefing meeting in the morning.

My suggestion would be to have all of our award winners from all the Championships there from 2pm and to work through the awards without a break. That way we should at least have a reasonable sized audience for everybody, rather than moving the different categories in and out during the afternoon.   As before, all attendees will have free admission to the museum, so if they wish they can have a tour around the site before joining us for the presentations later.

7. Liaison Officers’ Reports:

 Defence Estates: Richard not present.   Noted Barton Stacey back in action.



8. RLOs:

 Hampshire:  No report .

Wiltshire: No report

Surrey: Jules Golbey reports

there are no problems with events in Surrey,

*   Shere has now been removed as a Black Spot, so that there are now none in Surrey.     Most roads have low speed limits, so offer low attraction for many events.

*   the two sensitive areas have just been reviewed and are now not applicable in daytime, but may need watching on some events.    The numbers of events running past either of them can be counted on one hand over the last three, four or more years.

In 2012 there were 18 touring assemblies, 14 scatters, two 12-cars and one stage rally.      In 2011 the numbers were the same, but there was one more 12 car.

9. Training: Alan Spratt –  Applied to MSA for funding for 4 events, all agreed by MSA. First to be on 10th Feb at the awards day at Brooklands. Other three not yet finalised but may include joint events at Castle Combe or Goodwood etc.


10. MSA Regional Committee:

First one in Feb. Please raise issues for discussion to the chairman.

For rallies Brian sits on rallies committee and can submit issues to him please but please  with a reasoned argument that he can then present.

Discussion to keep an eye on noise moves, Welsh Association informing clubs of RLOs decision to us the 2 metre noise criteria rather than 0,5m and this has caused difficulties for many competitors.


11. Treasurer’s Report: Tony Pettie

Year surplus likely to be around £2000.

Halifax has closed out our account, no longer interested in non personal account. We retain therefore only one bank account.

The following item is retained in the minutes from previous meeting with regard to possible application of association funds. Ideas from the clubs welcomed.

 We are here to promote motorsport, so supports spending on things like a ‘get started’ day (as at Rushmoor and Thruxton in the past) and use this as a training day too.

Banners, stickers, promotional, website investment.

An executive meeting will specifically further explore these ideas and create recommendations for the next general meeting.


12. Any other business:

The chairman discussed the possibility of a 12 car championship. David Smith talked about the relative strength around the Oxford / Cotswold area but entries do struggle and it certainly requires a combination of clubs inviting each other. MSA might not support a championship but might support a challenge. But it was also thought that if you end up with the top crews all filling the designated events those events become set to be very difficult to try to stretch the crews and this is maybe not desirable. Better perhaps to just ensure that clubs use the ACSMC website to publicise their events?


The next meeting will be held at the same venue on Monday 15th April at 8.00pm.

Other dates for 2013

15th July

14th October


The meeting closed at 10.00pm


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