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Car Trial – Championship Information

Car Trial Background Information
cartrial08_Michael Brickhill 2007
Car Trials are relatively informal, sociable events taking place off-road at a single site. They are usually on grass, although sand, bracken, and other vegetation can be the surface. Cars have to proceed with unassisted forward motion through courses set out on a hillside, known as “sections”. This places a premium on the ability to place and drive the car skillfully and accurately, whilst retaining grip on a slippery surface. Throttle control is the key to this. Most sections are untimed and don’t involve high outright speeds, but reflexes and judgement are tested when attempting to maintain momentum within their confines. The poles which mark out a section are numbered from 12 at the bottom to 1 at the top, using markers which enable the marshals to determine how far you get up each one. The further up the section you get the better (lower) the score, and the lowest total score at the end of the event wins the class. If you “clear” a section (pass the posts marked “1”) then your score is 0. If you stop or go “four wheels out” then your score is that of the next pair of poles you would pass. If you run into a pole then your score is taken from that pole. An event would typically consist of 24 to 32 hills.

Cars in most classes are either unmodified or only lightly modified, running on standard road tyres. Virtually all regular competitors fit a sump-guard. Most cars will be carrying ballast to assist with grip. However, there is a new class (Class One) for unmodified production cars less than 12 years old which are carrying no ballast but may be fitted with a sump-guard. Class One cars have to be driven to the events. Only cars in Classes 1 and R should be required to produce an MOT certificate – cars in the other classes will not need to have MOTs.

There should be a class available in the ACSMC Championship for almost any two-wheel drive car with at least two seats and without “fiddle” brakes. The ACSMC Championship has two extra classes in addition to the four regular classes. ACSMC Class R was added to try and provide an opportunity for road rally cars (especially endurance rally cars) where their usual preparation and safety equipment won’t be a disadvantage. Class S is mainly intended for classic trials cars which wouldn’t normally be allowed in (production) car trials except at club level, although other suitable “specials” would be welcome. Please see the ACSMC Car Trials Championship Regulations for full details of the classes.

As well as the awards for the Champion and Class Winners, there are also awards in the ACSMC Car Trials Championship for the best Clubman, Lady, and “Under 25” Driver.

A passenger must be carried in the front of the car; known as the “bouncer” they can provide valuable weight to the driven wheels when called for by the driver. Most events also allow cars to be “double-driven” which is where two drivers are entered (usually the driver and passenger swapping positions).

Car Trial  2013 Downloads

 Acsmc-col-small  Download the Car Trial Championship 2013 information pack
 Acsmc-col-small  Download the Car Trial Championship 2013 Entry Form

Championship Contact

Colin Reid EMAIL

Car trial 2013 Calendar (Provisional)

January           Roger Holmes Memorial       Cambridge Car Club      Cambridge

February         The Falcon Trial                    Falcon                          Milton Keynes

March             Golden Springs                    Woolbridge                   Dorchester/Yeovil

March             Basil Elkington                     Sevenoaks                    Maidstone

April               Cross Trophy Trial                 Bristol Pegasus              Bristol

June               Wyre Forest                         Kidderminster                Shipston-on-Stour

Sept/Oct          Mercury                              Eastbourne                   Heathfield

October          Brickhill                                Falcon                          Milton Keynes

November       Guy Fawkes                         Falcon                          Dunstable

November       Farnborough                        Farnborough & District  Aldershot


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