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Rally – Important Information Concerning The Carfax Stages

As you are no doubt aware, The Carfax Stages (round 10 of the Hamilton Classic ACSMC Tarmacadam Rally Championship) has been cancelled and will not run on Sunday 24th November as planned.

Unfortunately this cancellation has been announced to late for us to instigate this weekends Prima Motorsport Stages at Smeatharpe as a reserve round.

Therefore I can confirm that in accordance with Championship Regulation 1.1, the Championship will now run with the best scores from a maximum 7 rounds from the 9 run.

A few people have asked if the Regency Stages (Sat 12th October) and the Fat Albert Stages (Sat 26th October) could be treated as individual scoring rounds but I am afraid that this is not permitted under the General Regulations (Blue Book).

Can I therefore remind you that the final round (Round 10) will consist of both the Regency Stages and The Fat Albert Stages with the highest point score attained counting towards your total score. By way of explanation, if you were to finish The Regency as 3rd registered contender in your class then you will record 15 points. If you were to then finish The Fat Albert as 5th registered contender in your class then you would record 13 points and your score on The Regency Stage will count towards your points total.

It is therefore up to you if you wish to contest one or both events and to judge your own point scoring potential.

Finally, the next round is the Mark Ellis Stages at Woodbridge, Suffolk and with the potential entry list already at 80 you had better move quick if you haven’t entered yet.

Should you have any questions then please ask.

Barry Guess


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