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Hamilton Classic ACSMC Rally Championship – Final results

Having received no queries, questions, protests or appeals since the issue of the provisional results on 23rd November 2013, I now declare the results final as at 30th November 2013.

We send our hearty congratulations to the 2013 Champions Josh Payton and Marcus Mizen who recorded a maximum point score on every round…. worthy Champions I am sure you will all agree.

Below is a listing of Award Winners who will receive their trophies at a prestigious ceremony at Brooklands Museum sometime early in 2014 – Date to be advised.

Finally, the only award to be confirmed is the Novice Award for the Highest Scoring Driver contesting the Championship in his or her first year as a Competition Licence Holder – Any eligible contender should contact me as soon as possible please.

Barry Guess
Championship Co-Ordinator


 1 Josh Payton  C    180
 2 Trevor Martin  E    154
 3 Alan Thistlethwaite  D    145
 1 Nick Mauger  A    42
 1 Brian Stevens  B    121
 2  Jim Boxall  B    108
1 Brett Daniels C    143
 2  Stuart Cogger C  79
 1  Paul King  D    137
 2  Ian Hucklebridge  D    88
 3  Stuart Larbey  D    63
 1  Ray Read  E    114
 1  Marcus Mizen  C    180
 2  Ray Cleghorn  E    160
 3  Mick Klein  D    145
 CLASS AWARDS – Co-Drivers
 1  Dan Cammack  A    42
 1  Matt Carter  B    111
 2  Allan Brown  B    111
 1  Paul Sheehan  C    119
 2  Declan Dear  C    85
 1  Alicia Miles  D    137
 2  Stuart Anderson Peters  E    114



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