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ACSMC Minutes – 13th January 2014



Minutes of General Committee Meeting

on 13th January 2014

at Brooklands Museum

Commencing at 8.00pm



Steve Castle – Chairman & Training, Peter Cox – Autotest Championship Co-ordinator, , Mike Cawthra – Secretary, Jules Golbey – Surrey RLO; Phil Collings – Vice Chairman, Tony Pettie – Treasurer. Dave Whyman – Speed Championship Co-ordinator, Dave Walton – Executive member, Mike Hall – Hants RLO, Alan Spratt – Training Sue Fielding – Executive Member

 Guests: –

Also representatives of the following clubs:Sutton and Cheam MC, Farnborough DMC, Guildford MC, Middlesex County AC, Dolphin MC, Cranleigh MC, , Renault Alpine OC, Oxford MC, Forest Edge Kart Club, Bournemouth MC, Craven MC, Nat West MC


1. Chairman’s Remarks

The Chairman welcomed all and looked forward to a year when clubs need to help each other ever more in ongoing challenging times for club motorsport.


2. Apologies for Absence

Colin Reid – Trials Championship co-ordinator, Devizes, Brighton and Hove, Tim Walton – Autocross Championship Co-ordinator, Bath MC, London CC, Sevenoaks, Pete Henness, Wickford, HarrowCC, Cranleigh, Historic Lotus, Basingstoke.


3. Minutes of Meeting 14th October 2013

These had been circulated prior to the meeting, and were proposed, accepted and signed as a true record.


4. Matters Arising from those Minutes

 The meeting noted that Nick Bunting had left the MSA just a few days after speaking with us at that meeting and expressed regret since we had been encouraged by his comments.


5. Secretary’s Report

Struggling with email addresses keeping current. Suggest put a note on the website to ask people to let us know changes and also in these minutes. Also noted from the floor that we may need to split mass mailings into no more than 20 to avoid them ending in peoples spam folders.

Some queries about details for the marshals training (see later)

S2000 club applying to join and will be invited to attend next meeting (sorry forgot this time!).


6. Championship Secretaries’ Reports

Trials: Colin Reid.
The championship will sadly not be offered in 2014, the key issue being that there are not enough people who want to run with a competition licence and the association can only run a championship on that basis.

Anglia Motor Sports Club has now been formed as an umbrella club for five clubs to the NE of London to run their own challenge within this club. With the loss of these competitors Colin has decided to withdraw the ACSMC championship.

Our thanks to Colin for everything he has done.
Speed: Dave Whyman
Congratulations to Tim Cole again and Stewart Morgan Nash for winning the championships. Awards being prepared.

Financially well balanced, so will keep the same format again for this year. Regs for 14 are with the MSA.

Numbers continuing to slowly decline to 45 sprint, 25 hillclimbers. Again noted the effort required to promote to clubs and individuals to keep it viable and also the fact that we have a very open class structure to keep to minimum cost.

Top Performance sponsorship should please be reflected on the website (needs updating)

Peter Cox – Overall 2013 champion split two ways as all tie break criteria also tied!

For 2014 Tarmac – Harrow, Bath, Woolbridge only clubs running autotests for the championship. Bournemouth running slalom events which discussion showed the club may be happy to offer to the championship.

Grass – waiting for dates.

Ian is working on the Autosolo championship for 2014. Agreed not to charge a registration fee. Trying to get the regs finalised, clubs interested in signing up their events and discussion about National B for the championship which if events are also running as Clubmans will need two sets of awards for example.

Rallies: Barry Guess – closing reports from 2013 report by bulletin

Opening event of the 2014 championship was yesterday at Brands. 10 other events in the championship spread through to October + 3 reserve events.


Autocross: Tim Walton

End of 2013 report published in previous minutes.

Regulations as submitted to the MSA and have now been approved. Nic Ayre normally produces an edited version for the year book and I will ask him to forward copy to you for inclusion in the Central Southern Year Book as well.

The two main changes are the increased number of scores to count towards the awards and the addition of two Rally Car classes.  I am very keen on seeing these classes succeed because years ago in the good old days of Player No 6 etc, rally cars were regularly used.  In order to reassure rally car drivers, I am asking organisers to run the rally cars separately from the other classes in both practise and timed runs.  I hope this will put to bed the concern that I have heard about deliberate bumping by the regular autocross drivers.  This is not true, but if we make sure that classes G1 and G2 run on their own and not mixed with cars from other classes, but with the usual up to four cars on track at the same time, I hope this will encourage some new competitors.

Dates etc here:

7. Liaison Officers’ Reports:

 Defence Estates: Situation normal

Forestry: Charges up according to RPI 3 year agreement.
Sunseeker and Tempest forest allocations approved 17 / 18 October and 8 November respectively.


8. RLOs:

Hampshire: Mike Hall – Slight drop in events YoY, vast majority of events are 12 car, scatter and assemblies. Historic Monte Carlo is coming up soon as is Sydney to London.

Some rogue (maybe not affiliated club) events not letting Mike know, resulting in conflict on one village in the autumn, Encourage everyone that they must use Mike since at risk is the use of the public roads in such places!

Wiltshire: John Rodgers – no report

Surrey: Jules Golbey – Couple of events only slated for this year so far.


9. Training: Marshals update day – Sunday 9th February at Brooklands museum Weybridge @ 9 o’clock start until 1pm (i.e. before the ACSMC awards in the afternoon). Will contain relevant changes in rallying / sprinting regs, list of dates to be provided + forum format as previously.

Discussed with Sue Fielding the possibility of a radio training day. Dates to be provided soon.

10. MSA Regional Committee:

Suggestion from the floor that clubs might be better being in only one association, which would require a change in the ruling as to which events licence holder are free to compete in.

Poor % attendance from ACSMC membership at meetings since many clubs are members of multiple organisations. The chair confirmed that this had been raised and discussed recently.

 Suggestion that software for a chosen map system be negotiated by the MSA centrally with (for example) Ordnance Survey and clubs provided with it at sensible cost. But needs a national decision on which platform to use.

MSA blue book bulletin changes not dated in any way, please add a date, lose track when filed loose in this years book, what has been printed in next years, what not etc.

No regional committee meeting since our last meet. Next is 11th February. Please submit any items in addition to those above to Steve Castle.


12. Treasurer’s Report: Tony Pettie

Healthy bank account at year end. We do still intend to set up a separate task group to look at promotion. Steve will be kicking that off.

Go motorsport event this year would need funding (see below)?


13. Any other business:

Go Motorsport event – have been looking at Rushmoor Arena. But other options? Need plenty of parking, ideally toilets etc if we are getting a significant public attendance. Need space for a demonstration event. Goodwood, Thruxton, Castle Combe discussed. Barton Stacey just off A303.

Suggestion that 3 or 4 smaller lower key events more likely to be successful because you will struggle to get people to drive 50 miles to something that they don’t know what it is.

The next meeting will be held at the same venue (Brooklands Museum) on Monday14th April which will incorporate the AGM.


Other 2014 dates are:

Monday 14th July.

Monday 13th October

The meeting closed at 10.45pm




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