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ACSMC Minutes – 14th July 2014

Minutes of General Committee Meeting

on 14th July 2014

at Brooklands Museum

Commencing at 8.00pm



Steve Castle – Chairman & Training, Phil Collings – Vice Chairman, Tony Pettie – Treasurer Mike Cawthra – Secretary,   Peter Cox – Autotest Championship Co-ordinator, Dave Walton – Executive member, Dave Whyman – Speed championship co-ordinator, Andrew Bisping – Go Motorsport, Bryan Hull – Executive Member

Also representatives of the following clubs   Cranleigh MC, Craven MC, Oxford MC,   Farnborough DMC, Sutton and Cheam MC , Harrow CC; Southern CC, Middlesex CAC, Historic Lotus, Basingstoke MC, Green Power, Dolphin MC, Formula Junior HRA, Hants and Berks MC



Rob Jones – CEO MSA


  1. Chairman’s Remarks

The Chairman welcomed all to the meeting and introduced Rob Jones


  1. Apologies for Absence

Alan Spratt – Training, Sue Fielding – Executive member , Barry Guess – Rally Championship co-ordinator, John Rogers Wilts RLO, Bath MC, Devizes, London Car Club, BARC Midlands, Chelmsford, Brighton and Hove

  1. Minutes of Meeting 14th April 2014

These had been circulated prior to the meeting, and were proposed, accepted and signed as a true record.


  1. Matters Arising from those Minutes


Secretary’s Report

Noted Kent 100 regularity rally on Saturday August 30th.


Read a submission from Club Mallory limited who had applied to join ACSMC. Club has been formed with a large number of experienced officials included and with the aim of promoting a varied genre of motorsport events at Mallory Park. A description from the chair, Cliff Johnson was read out to the members present. The proposal was then proposed by FDMC, seconded by HLC and unanimously accepted.


Green Power Education Trust had been elected to ACSMC at our previous meeting

John Jordan, Chairman, attended and gave us a run down on the aims and activities of the organisation, which is associated with the MSA. Events are licensed and stewarded by the MSA. The aim is to encourage young people into Engineering, with categories for all ages, to design, build and race an electric car using motors issued by the organisation. Green Power is a charity, has a partnership with the Institution of Engineering Technology (IET) and sponsored by numerous eminent names of the motoring industry.


  1. Championship Secretaries’ Reports


Speed: Dave Whyman


There were currently 40 registered for the Sprint series and 25 for the Hill Climb championship. Running OK at the 2/3 point in the season. Generally running OK, but numbers dwindling year on year, possible to talk to other associations and to consider amalgamating hill and sprint championship into a single ‘speed’ championship next year.


Peter Cox talked about noise restriction at North Weald, maybe no competition until 10am

Autotest: Peter Cox – Numbers almost down at critical level. Events find they are needing to double up with autosolo or similar in order to make viable.


Rallies: Barry Guess – latest report by bulletin



Autocross: Tim Walton

No report available for the meeting

  1. Liaison Officers’ Reports:


Defence Estates: Landmark have had their contract renewed for a further 10 years. Seen as good news, consistency of approach going forward with known contacts.


Forestry: No report available. Forms just been sent out for forestry allocation for 2015.


  1. RLOs:


Hampshire: Mike Hall – 25 events so far this calendar year. Majority are fairly low key 12 car, scatter. One new complaint area introduced as a result of one incident. Rob Jones commented that the MSA records on such areas went back around 50 years and it was self evidently difficult to keep current. Digital mapping might offer new opportunities in that direction.


Wiltshire: John Rodgers – As Wilts RLO, it was a quiet year with 36 events or so in the County. The main problem is ‘unauthorised’ classic tours of some 200 plus vehicles who cause mayhem in narrow villages, but we have no control over these.


Other than that, no problems, and happily still no complaint areas.


Surrey: No report available from Jules


  1. Training:


Ran marshals training event in May, 27 people attended. Next is Sunday 21st September @Thruxton. Agenda still being finalised.


  1. MSA Regional Committee:


The Chairman offered the attached report for everyone to consider after the meeting in the interests of time but highlighted the MSA club of the year and Volunteer of the year competitions, nominations through the secretary or Chair for the former, direct to MSA for the latter. Links are within this embedded document.


  1. Treasurer’s Report: Tony Pettie

Bank balance is healthy and growing , a notable debt is about to be settled to us too.


A meeting was held recently to move forward on the best ways to commit these funds for the benefit of motorsport in the region, update next time. The Chairman, Dave Whyman, Mike Hall and Andrew Bisping were those present.


  1. Any other business:


Noted from Southern CC that Rallye Dorset has been postponed and will not form the last round of the BRC.


  1. Questions to MSA

Rob Jones introduced himself, he noted that he has been in the CEO role for 3 months, previously General Secretary.


Prepared questions were read from the chair:


  • Loss of the BRC (question from Southern CC)

Rob explained that there were considered no viable tenders offered to the recent tender invitation to run the championship going forward. With such low entry levels to the current series which is intended to be the pinnacle of British rallying, it was considered that a complete review was required, no point in sticking a plaster on it.

Question from the floor – was the tender document asking for the right thing? Rob explained how the tender document was arrived at giving considerable thought to future requirement. Southern CC made the point that it was the organising clubs who had given the significant input to the tender document, feeling that it offered significant and appropriate change of direction and there was therefore very strong feeling around the decision.

Rob did freely say that the way the announcement was handled was poor and apologised. He also looked for ideas of what could be done for 2015, though it would not be under the banner of BRC.


  • How does the MSA view motorsport at grass roots level?

Rob gave some data from the club survey.
Significant financial span amongst 300+ clubs.

Nearly half still meet at least monthly. 60% are not active in the regional association.

118,000 club members. But less than 20% female membership and similar figure who are under 18 which the MSA certainly see as disappointing.

Majority report stable membership and running break even or profitable events.

Licence information shows that there is year on year increase in competitor numbers in many areas of the sport.

Prime ministers announcement on Friday supporting closed road legislation

Overview – some good reasons for optimism


  • Total competition licence numbers are down in Kart, up in race and non race, down in rally. Kart trend downwards has been steady for nearly 20 years. Total number is mildly down year on year.
    Suggestion that one should need to put a club membership name on licence application to encourage people to come to us.


778 CoC licences, 111 probationary clerks in all formula which is up from 75 last year


There has been a mild drop in marshal registrations in this the second year. Noted that it remains optional to register. Discussion about creating a marshals register, using the signing on forms, data protection act disclaimer also discussed. Sutton and Cheam have such data from Tempest, Abingdon etc.


  • Could the MSA do something about a consistent policy re-County Councils, closing / diverting footpaths that are essentially private tracks owned and maintained by landowners that they have no objection to the use for Motorsport.?

Likely road closure legislation will help. MSA will be issuing advice to clubs about how to lobby MP / Lords on this issue. Possible to see legislation in first half of 2015 (before election)?


  • Could the MSA do something about the relationship between Motorsport, the Defence Infrastructure Organisation and the Military Base Commanders?

Very variable according to area. Commented that if clubs had a particular local issue, could ask the MSA to help, through the regional association.

Advice is available for organisers in the package that is available on the JLT section of the MSA website, which is currently under improvement!


  • Can we have a more realistic framework for forestry charges – re-use charges are killing us. Need to renegotiate based on realistic numbers on stage rallies. The per capita system was much better.


  • What can we be optimistic about?

Recession receding, confidence higher, buzz returning

Be optimistic about closed roads

Formula E, rapid expansion from nothing




The next meeting will be held at the same venue (Brooklands Museum) on Monday 13th October


The meeting closed at 10.55 pm


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