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ACSMC Meeting Minutes – 12th January 2015

Minutes of General Committee Meeting on 12th January 2015 at Brooklands Museum
Commencing at 8.00pm

Steve Castle – Chairman & Training, Mike Cawthra – Secretary, Peter Cox – Autotest Championship Co-ordinator, Dave Whyman – Speed championship co-ordinator, Andrew Bisping – Go Motorsport, Bryan Hull – Executive Member, Alan Spratt – Training, Dave Walton – Exec member, Mike Hall Hants RLO,

Also representatives of the following clubs Oxford MC, Farnborough DMC, Sutton and Cheam MC , Harrow CC; Sevenoaks and District MC, Middlesex CAC, Basingstoke MC, Guildford, Renault Alpine OC, NWMC, Harrow CC, Bournemouth and District CC, Borough 18MC, Craven MC,

Guests: None

1. Chairman’s Remarks
The Chairman welcomed all to the meeting

2. Apologies for Absence
Southern CC, Jules Golbey Surrey RLO, Tony Pettie Treasurer, John Rogers Wilts RLO, Devizes, BARC Midlands

3. Minutes of Meeting 14th October 2014
These had been circulated prior to the meeting, and were proposed, accepted and signed as a true record.

4. Matters Arising from those Minutes

Green Power final date / venue changes to Rockingham and now a two day event.

5. Secretary’s Report

Notes on member clubs – Payments not received from: BARC (SE), Cirencester MC, and Exeter MC owe 2012, 2013 and 2014 and Premier Marshals 2013 & 2014. Tony has sent emails to numerous addresses on the relevant club websites, but so far to no avail. If any member has a contact please advise, otherwise these clubs will cease to be members of ACSMC. We try to be respectful, but it is possible that we just don’t have the right contacts.
Of others clubs, Cheltenham MC resigned (“those who instigated membership have left and the Club feels it has nothing to offer us”) as did Kidderminster MCC (“we no longer run a Trials Championship and they have no members competing in other Championships”).
Yearbook imminent. All the event dates and club contacts are updated, just waiting for the final championship regs / dates entries.

6. Championship Secretaries’ Reports

Speed: Dave Whyman

Ordered awards for prize giving.
Regs approved by MSA and issued to all clubs.
Same class structure as most other associations.
10 contenders so far. £5 bargain registration fee this year to encourage people to register even if they are not certain how many events they might do.
Autotest: Peter Cox

Tarmac, low event numbers. Bovingdon planning decision pending so we don’t yet know if it is available for events.

Of interest – BTRDA have arranged a Clubmans championship with simple tests (combined with Clubmans PCA events) which does not require a comp. licence under a special agreement with MSA.

A bit of discussion about Autosolo, SE and Cotswold championships exist. Peter with Ian Harrison still looking at organising something under ACSMC but probably not for 2015 now.

Rallies: Barry Guess has nominated Paul Brown as championship co-ordinator as he himself is standing down. The meeting thanked Barry for his extended and highly successful tenure in the role. Paul’s nomination was unanimously accepted.
7. Liaison Officers’ Reports:

Defence Estates: Get in early and be sure that you are talking to the right people at Landmark, that all stakeholders are informed early. Terms of the Landmark contract changed in September and there is something of a transition.

Forestry: New forestry fees and dates discussed.

8. RLOs:

Hampshire: Mike Hall – Number of events consistent year on year, 12 cars, scatters, single marque events , though sadly we lost two of our stage rallies. This year looks encouragingly busy already. Black spot update list from MSA (discussed in the summer) not yet received. Mike has introduced some personal temporary restrictions which he is advising to clubs in order to ease a few known hotspots, keep people clear for a couple of years.

Wiltshire: John Rodgers – apologies for absence, but he notes: Just for info, Wiltshire had a good year with 33 road events of some description ranging from 12 cars to the Sydney – London International! No problems caused so far as I am aware, but I have introduced a ‘rationing’ system for some of the more popular roads to make sure they are not overused. There are still no official blackspots
Surrey: Jules Golbey – apologies for absence, but he notes: At the moment I have three scatters and a road rally on the books. There are a couple more events I know of, but have not received the routes yet. Apart from that all is well in Surrey.

9. Training:

Alan Spratt announced that he has decided to stand down from the role.
The chair announced that 3 or 4 different dates expected during the year for some first responder first aid training and “hands-on’ fire training.

Sunday 8th Feb at Brooklands, the usual marshals training morning.

Discussed the recent report issued by the Motorsport Event Safety Review Group relating to the sad incidents at the Jim Clark rally last year. One proposal is to have all marshals on multi use events registered and trained. Also for example to grade corners as per FIA method, e.g. high, medium , low risk and staffing and planning appropriately.

Proposal from the chair that a small group be formed to discuss what we as an association can do to be proactive and get ahead of the game.

10. MSA Regional Committee:

Any matters that clubs wish to raise for the next MSA meet on 11th Feb, please raise beforehand with the chair.

Discussion on the growing use of airborne drones for photography, guidance to be sought.

12. Treasurer’s Report: Tony Pettie

Apologies for my absence.
Balances at the end of December were around £23,000 but with some closing expenditure still due to be paid for 2014 Expenses and Awards.
In chasing Annual Levies I have been informed of two resignations –
– Cheltenham Motor Club. Those who instigated membership have left and the Club feels it has nothing to offer us.
– Kidderminster Car Club. Resigning from 2015 because we no longer run a Trials Championship and they have no members competing in other Championships.
I will be requesting 2015 Annual Levies during February once I have received the January Bank Statement showing which clubs paid by annual Standing Order or Transfer (in 2014 this was exactly half of our 94 Member Clubs).

13. Any other business:

1. Andrew Bisping – reported on Autosport Show this last weekend. MSA stand and Go Motorsport stand were combined as one this year. This worked well. The essential stuff combined with the practical advice.
Demo Autosolo ran again with passenger rides to visitors to the show and this again proved very successful and a suggested format if ACSMC wanted to build on the concept.
BRC 2016 announced. 4wd classes return including flagship R5.
2. Marshals Championship 2015 for ACSMC – info was passed to all clubs by the Secretary.
3. Note change of regs for tyres for forestry for this season. Some patterns now obsolete, see MSA website, stage-rally-tyres.
4. Note significant rebates on permit fees as well as 16% insurance refund from MSA for 2014. The former amounts to £270,000, the latter £310,000. Nat B and below licences for events and competitors frozen as are per capita insurance fees (6th year).
5. Licensed officials seminars 7th Feb Basingstoke, 8th Feb Sevenoaks.
The next meeting will be held at the same venue (Brooklands Museum) on Monday 13th April 2015 combined with AGM

Nominations for executive members for 2015 are required and welcomed via the secretary please

The meeting closed at 10.10 pm


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