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ACSMC Meeting Minutes – 13th April 2015

Minutes of General Committee Meeting on 13th April 2015 at Brooklands Museum

Commencing at 8.50pm


Tim Walton – President, Steve Castle – Chairman & Training, Mike Cawthra – Secretary,   Peter Cox – Autotest Championship Co-ordinator,  Dave Whyman – Speed championship co-ordinator, Andrew Bisping – Go Motorsport, Bryan Hull – Executive Member,  Dave Walton – Exec member, Mike Hall Hants RLO, Jules Golbey – Surrey RLO, Sue Fielding –  Executive Member, Paul Brown – Rally Championship co-ordinator

Also representatives of the following clubs     Farnborough DMC,  Sutton and Cheam MC, Harrow CC,  Middlesex CAC, Renault Alpine OC, NWMC, Craven MC, Cranleigh MC, Historic Lotus Club, Guildford MC, Dolphin MC, Southern CC

Guests: None

1. Chairman’s Remarks

The Chairman welcomed all to the meeting

2. Apologies for Absence

Tony Pettie –  Treasurer, Richard Field DLO, Phil Collings, Vice Chairman Sevenoaks, Devizes, Oxford


3. Minutes of Meeting 12th January 2015

These had been circulated prior to the meeting, and were proposed, accepted and signed as a true record.


4. Matters Arising from those Minutes



 5. Secretary’s Report

Application for membership by ‘Motorsport Endeavour’ read out. Provisional Acceptance of membership proposed by Farnborough & DMC and seconded by Basingstoke MC.

The meeting requested some follow up enquiries before confirming the application. These were completed by the secretary and the acceptance is confirmed.


 6. Championship Secretaries’ Reports

Speed:    Dave Whyman
60% up on sprint, 70% up on hillclimb entries showing a huge success for the low entry fee policy.

Autotest: Peter Cox
No events yet as Bovingdon venue lost for Harrow / Middlesex event for March due motorsport being no longer allowed Sat pm / Sunday at the moment.

1st round Bath MC next weekend.

Generally struggling with noise on venues, tyre noise also an issue.

Still looking at what to do about an autosolo championship.


Rallies: Paul Brown
21 registered contenders. 3 rounds so far, close competition at the top already.


Autocross – Colin Anderson  – no report yet for this season


7. Liaison Officers’ Reports:

Defence Estates:  Richard Field –   During 2014, Defence Estates rebranded themselves as Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO), so from here on I will refer to them as DIO. The scope of my liaison covers the Training sites which are administered from the Longmoor Barracks, which equates roughly to the Training sites within Hampshire.

For all DIO sites, across the UK, civilian users including  motorsport users, deal with DIO via a commercial  estate management company . Prior to 2014, this contract was with a company called Landmarc. During 2014 the contract was re-competed, and Landmarc were reappointed under a new contract. Under the new contract, for civilian users, most of the previous procedures and documentation, to apply for such uses, continue in a similar form .

But also, some changes are becoming apparent, in how those civilian applications are  reviewed and approved. Compared to the previous regime, DIO has increased their own role as a decision maker, and have given Landmarc a reduced, more administrative role. In some case, this seems to have extended the timetable, before approval of an application is confirmed (or turned down), and before a site Licence for an event is issued .

Without going into details, we are still gaining experience in how this new regime works, or can be made to work, for event organisers.

For any club who has an interest in using any DIO Training site, I would encourage them to contact me, as I’m familiar with these procedures and documentation requirements, and who to contact, and the recommended approach, etc


8. RLOs:

Hampshire: Mike Hall –   12 car, Clubsport, Scatter situation quite healthy. No feedback on old blackspots of which there are about 30 historically.

Wiltshire:  John Rodgers  –  No report

Surrey:   Jules Golbey –  3 x 12 cars, one scatter, 7 touring assemblies submitted recently, no problems. No blackspots at all in Surrey.
9. Training:  

Marshals training held at Brooklands prior to awards presentation event.

We are desperately needing a new Training lead especially in view of the item noted under ‘Any Other Business below’.


10. MSA Regional Committee:

Brought up the use of drones at motorsport venues regional meeting.

CAA rules :

Checking of tax discs issue due to electronic discs now in use – MSA investigating. Note MOT certs also going soley electronic soon.

Note that D20.1, a number of clubs seen to be not adhering. At national B level, entry closing must be 3 days prior, not up to the day. Query from the floor, why does this rule exist? Clubs would prefer to accept all revenue to make events viable, so can we know why?

Changes to regs for roll over protection for road going kit cars in hand

Changes to rally car minimum weights – see MSA website

Proposed weekend club membership would be helpful, rather than joining for full year in order to take part in a single event.

Please think about nominations for club of the year and official of the year.

MSA now have a second radio frequency, so all radios need retuning to accept the new frequency. MSA will pay up to £40 +VAT towards this. If the radio cannot be upgraded then MSA will pay £200 +VAT towards new radio.

Question from the floor – can we propose to the MSA to allow competitors one years grace on possible change to 1C tyre rules, because people don’t know whether they are buying the right tyre for next season.


11. Treasurer’s Report: Tony Pettie

Apologies for my absence.

54 Clubs have already paid their 2015 Annual Levy. I am Emailing the remaining Clubs during April. A few prefer a letter/invoice that I will do at the end of the month when I am in UK.
Following the January Minutes, there has been no response to my Emails to BARC-SE, Cirencester MC, Exeter MC and Premier Marshals Group for several years’ arrears. I will be in UK at the end of this month and I will send “Recorded Delivery” letters to the lead addresses on their own WebSites and/or MSA Clubs listing, stating that if payment or other response is not received within 21 days, the Club(s) will be excluded from Membership – “End of!” I will report the outcomes at the July Meeting.
12. Any other business:

a)    Wide discussion on a proposal from Tim Walton use of a facebook group as a means of communication with member clubs.  Indeed a multiple set of facebook groups related to each championship as well as general one. Chair and secretary will look into it –  advice from those who presently have such groups successfully working in club / championship context is welcome.

b)    The chairman began discussion on future of multi venue rallying, responding to the recommendation of the Scottish Rally Safety Report.
It is clear for example that there will be major changes to marshal registration and training requirements. Very clear that the Association and Clubs will need to be very joined up at addressing changes that are coming, but agreement that we need to wait for the MSA to define the requirements to us all. This is rapidly being worked through at Colnbrook, on a very urgent basis.

Suggested that ACSMC organise an open forum together to be prepared for responding in a very joined up way to whatever the MSA requires of us.

Start with an exec meeting, proposed 11th May.


The next meeting will be held at the same venue (Brooklands Museum) on Monday 13th July 2015 at 8 pm


Future General Meeting dates:

13th July 15

12th October 15

11th January 16

11th April 16

11th July 16

10th October 16

Marshals Training and Annual Awards Day 7th February 16.

The meeting closed at 10.50 pm


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