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ACSMC Meeting Minutes – 12th Ocotober 2015

Minutes of General Committee Meeting on 12th October 2015 at Brooklands Museum Commencing at 8.00pm

Steve Castle – Chairman & Training,   Mike Cawthra – Secretary,   Peter Cox – Autotest Championship Co-ordinator,  Dave Whyman – Speed championship co-ordinator, Andrew Bisping – Go Motorsport,  Dave Walton – Exec member,  Sue Fielding –  Executive Member,  Mike Hall – Hants RLO, Jules Golbey- Surrey RLO, Richard Field – Defence Estates Rep.

Also representatives of the following clubs     Farnborough DMC, Harrow CC, Cranleigh MC, Oxford MC, Bournemouth & DCC, Basingstoke MC, Newbury Dolphin MC, CDMC, SCC, MCAC, NWMC, Harrow CC, Guildford MC

Jacqueline Campbell – Motorsport Event Safety Review Board
Rob Jones – CEO of the MSA


1. Chairman’s Remarks
The Chairman welcomed all to the meeting and our special guests. Our thoughts are with those involved with the tragedy on Mull this last weekend.

2. Apologies for Absence
Tim Walton – President, Tony Pettie – Treasurer, Bryan Hull-  Exec Member, Phil Collings – Vice Chair, John Gray – Historic Lotus, Bath MC, Devizes MC, Craven, BARC Midlands, Chelmsford, Hants & Berks.

3. Minutes of Meeting 13th July 2015
These had been circulated prior to the meeting, and were proposed, accepted and signed as a true record.
4. Matters Arising from those Minutes

5. Secretary’s Report
Presence on Facebook now. Clubs encouraged to engage the secretary if they want content put on there, in particular to advertise events or marshal requests and to encourage their membership to ‘like’ the page and receive information quicker and without potentially losing the communication chain, so many problems with email list currency.

6. Discussion with our Guests
Rob Jones recapped a challenging year in post. Key challenge has been the event safety review, probably adding 100% workload to 2/3 of the MSA office, but it has been hugely positive progress. The need for change following the incidents in Scotland last year are obvious, but Rob noted that relationships with many key stakeholders such as the Forestry Commission also contingent on progress in safety management. Branding for the safety review is named ‘Rally Future’

VNUK regulations (the potential need for all vehicles, even carts, race cars needing to have third party insurance) is also a high profile item. MSA (Simon Blunt) working to find a practical solution with government and insurance companies.

Ben Taylor has left MSA for IMS (commercial subsidiary), so a new director of development is soon to be appointed.

MSA have put in place a governance review. New position, Director of Safety is included in this.

Regional Development Officers, budget doubled. (Go Motorsport is the key part of this)

Regional Association thoughts – can we strengthen? Some tie ups from Scottish Association to other like minded organisations for example (ACU, cycling).

MSA gets no government funding unlike so many other sports. Money is allocated through Sport England, MSA have submitted ideas and are lobbying to Government. Image is short of diversity not only in drivers but in engineers. Working on the wider picture of attracting ladies for example, encouraging diversity of people in STEM subjects, in Motorsport qualifications etc

Overview of the Safety Review – huge tranche of safety regulations ratified in September Council meeting, will cascade into 2016 regulations

Data YoY to end July : 2704 permitted events (-88 to prior year), 98176 competitors. Fewer kart events but all other event types higher including stage rallying.

Question on marshalling numbers. Rob sees a generally aging profile and a shift in culture of volunteering in the country, people are busier! So the key challenges is to reverse this. These same issues apply to other sports such as road cycle racing. Andrew sees success in getting clusters of young people involved together, they tend to stick through more than just a few events if they are with a group of like minded friends. Junior marshals, we need to make that work through a buddy system. Not exclude people because they are not ‘qualified’ by the on line training. Same applies to ad hoc people who may want to marshal on the day, buddy them up and train them formally later. Otherwise we lose the feeder pool.

Comment from the floor on venue noise difficulties. MSA has helped clubs for strategy in tackling these issues. John Symes is the person to contact.

Farnborough commented on the success of taster events, bringing in considerable membership and interest. MSA commented that certificate of exemptions were hugely up over the last few years, tasters, autosolos. So this is definitely the feeder pool.

Jacqueline – Rally Safety Recommendations 2015 becomes a pack of information for 2016. Safety delegate from MSA requirement will roll out to rest of UK 2016 (as in Nicky Moffat in Scotland to date).

Roles and responsibilities under the spotlight, taping =  distance from stage (most serious accidents are caused by cars not very far off the stage), media rules no special privileges, media accreditation when trained, marshal qualification. Forums to be run in NI and Scotland shortly, will spread wider.

Question from floor on marshal identity. Just a tabard? Contrast with race marshals. More obvious ‘branding’ engenders both authority and also fosters pride in the group. JC agreed, certain measures being proposed.

Observers reports, peer pressure of other spectators pushing people to respond to marshals requests when stage start is potentially to be delayed. Spectator management is one of the modules in the proposed marshals training, including info from Police on managing the public.

Forestry Commission have been helpful in organising spectator friendly areas to encourage people to organised areas, get them out of the general tree line and walking along the tracks.

They have been helping cutting down trees, arranging parking areas etc.adding facilities such as loos and refreshments.

Spectator education – Ari Vatinen posters, more ‘celebrities’ to follow. Get ‘ideal stage’ graphics into the programmes. Use local radio and vehicle tannoy.

Suggestion from MCAC – get competitors to be first aid trained (they are the first on their own accident scene, or that of the car ahead, PLUS the key issue of the next car visiting the same accident scene once people have been ‘attracted’ to it. The first crews own responsibility for the spectators or marshals who come to their aid. MSA looking at first on scene training for competitors. Safety Officers presently not licenced, why not? MSA replied that there will be early involvement of the Safety delegate and that there will be training and licencing in due course: safety car and spectator safety car crews and then event safety officers.

FIA have just produced a movie with lots of famous faces, Jacqueline has produced one which is on MSA website. Many other films being prepared by various events and other sources.

Fastest first (seeding) was put in as a direct compromise to ensure spectators are in place when safety car comes through, not that they arrive progressively with the early low powered cars already in progress.

7. Championship Secretaries’ Reports

Speed:    Dave Whyman
Hillclimb complete

Sprints nearly so:

40 hillclimb

61 sprinters

Can still get points from marshalling up until Tempest.

Dave plans to meet with AEMC, ASEMC etc to try to agree class structure for next year.

Lost Top Performance Services as sponsor for next year

Noted that only 11 of 60 competitors at Eelmoor event were championship registered. Suggest clubs promote within their membership and in regs


Autotest: Peter Cox
No new competitors in the championship.

Fewer competitors on tarmac (12)

Grass has (16)

One event to go.

Discussion again on clubs going out to take taster events to a public audience at other events e.g in the adjacent field to the Shere hillclimb.
Rallies: Paul Brown
No report

Autocross –  ACSMC / ASWMC has about 40 in championship


8. Liaison Officers’ Reports:
Defence Estates:  Richard Field

Richard is the help desk for communications with Landmark for military land. He met with them in July and understood some changes in their personnel and roles and responsibilities, some of which fall back to the army themselves now making things more complex.


9. RLOs:

Hampshire: Mike Hall –  Usual!

Wiltshire:  John Rodgers  – no report

Surrey:   Jules Golbey  – No problems, 3 events including London Brighton to end of year.
10. Training:

Still looking for a new Training Lead for ACSMC. If anyone would consider taking on the job of organising Marshals Training Days for the Association, would they please contact Steve Castle to discuss details? At this point there is no need for anyone to be a licenced Trainer, we just need somebody to put the arrangements in place.
11. MSA Regional Committee
Rob Jones presented a detailed report from the MSA at the meeting, which covered most of the points raised at the last Regional Committee meeting. Other details as follows:

Club of the Year & Volunteer of the Year Awards. The Chairman emphasised the increased award levels for both awards in 2015. (By the closing date of 1st October 2015, the Association had received no applications again.)

Discussions of rule D20.1 (Closing dates for entries) was discussed, with a reminder to Clubs to make sure the regulation is adhered to.

Training & Development- Radio Controllers Seminars & Club Child Safeguarding Officers seminars to be run during October & November. Also, preparations for Unlicenced Club Officials seminars in the New Year. (Dates subsequently sent out via a separate e-mail.)


12. Treasurer’s Report: Tony Pettie
 Cash. Remains high.  About £24k .

Club Levies. Six clubs have yet to pay their current 2015 Levy despite two Email requests. I will be sending hard copy letters when in UK later this month.

Recorded Delivery/Signed For letters were sent on 7 September to another six clubs who were in arrears for more than just the current year. The letters were sent to addresses on the MSA website, checked were possible to their own websites, saying if not paid by our October Council Meeting, I will propose the clubs be excluded from membership forthwith. I even enclosed a SAE to encourage a reply. A positive reply was received, with payment being made, from one (Cirencester CC). Of the others –

–          Exeter MC have written to resign

–          BARC – SE. Delivered/Signed For on 8 September. No response.

–          London Irish MC. Replied saying they are now a ‘new’ club, not responsible for debts of the ‘old’ club but they will rejoin in 2016.

–          Mid Thames CC. Delivered/Signed For on 8 September. No response. Also not on MSA club lists.

–          Premier Marshals Group. Not Delivered or Collected.

Accordingly I would ask for a Proposer and Seconder that these five clubs, Exeter, BARC-SE, London Irish MC, Mid Thames CC, and Premier Marshals Group are excluded from current membership of ACSMC. Championship Coordinators please note for any Contender or event eligibility.

Richard Field proposed and Mike Hall seconded their exclusion

(BARC-SE has been an ACSMC member for 53 years, since 1962. Mid Thames CC has been an ACSMC member for 51 years, since 1964 and regularly provided Rally Championship Contenders, as well as organising Championship Rallys.)


13. Any other business: 
The next meeting will be held at the same venue (Brooklands Museum) on Monday 11th January 2016 at 8 pm


Future General Meeting dates:

11th January 16

11th April 16

11th July 16

10th October 16

Marshals Training and Annual Awards Day 7th February 16.

The meeting closed at 11pm


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