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Speed – 2015 Sprint Championship/ Challenge Final Championship Positions & 2016 Information

Congratulations to all winners. Not only have we had a record number of competitors this year, it has proved to be the most competitive for some time. The Awards Ceremony will be on the afternoon of Sunday 7th February at Brooklands Museum. All competitors plus family and friends may attend and all will have free access to the Museum.

2015 Sprint Championship
2015 Sprint Challenge
2015 Sprint Awards

Starting to get organised(!) for 2016. This includes the calendar, class structures and overall regulations. As in previous years, I do not plan major changes – I will, again as in previous years, ensure that our structures are comparable with other local associations – AEMC, ASEMC. Registration fees will remain at £5.

I have been promised an early version of the blue book – it is particularly necessary given the mandated changes in regard to tyres and head restraints. I know many of the changes have generated much comment, and has led a number of people to question their future involvement in the sport. I do hope you all continue as competitors and also continue to promote the championship.

Finally, Tony Perrett of Top Performance Services has decided to step down as our Sponsor. Many thanks to Tony for his support.

For 2016, we see the return of Alastair Flack of Hamilton Classic as our returning sponsor. Alastair provides a host of Motor Sport products via his website –

Dave Whyman


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