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2016 Southern Autotest Championship- Final Points & Awards

The final points scores and award winners for the 2016 championship are avaialble by clicking this link (Excel format) :

2016 Autotest Final Points

For the total points scored the dropped scores have been taken off (those which are underlined) so the total may not sometimes be the total of the tarmac and grass scores. The addition of bonus points for beating competitors on the day has worked well but there were still a couple of ties to be resolved. This was done with the competitor who has scored on the most rounds taking the position. It does reward those competitors who support as many events as possible.

No date has been set yet for the awards day.

Chris Judge and I are busy working on the events and championship for 2017. If you have any suggestions to make please let me or Chris know ( .

We look forward to seeing many of you at the awards day and during 2017 at events,

Happy Autotesting,



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