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ACSMC Meeting Minutes – 10th Ocotober 2016

Minutes of General Committee Meeting

on 10th October 2016

at Brooklands Museum

Commencing at 8.00pm


Present: Steve Castle – Chairman & Training, Mike Cawthra – Secretary, Tony Pettie – Treasurer, Peter Cox – Autotest Championship Co-ordinator,  Andrew Bisping – Go Motorsport, Dave Walton – Executive Member,  Dave Whyman – speed championship coordinator, Tony Morriss – Training

Also representatives of the following clubs     Farnborough DMC, Harrow CC, Middlesex CAC,  , Southern CC, Dolphin MC, Oxford MC. Hants & Berks MC,  Southsea MC, Basingstoke MC, Renault Alpine MC, Cranleigh MC, Historic Lotus club, CSMA



1. Chairman’s Remarks

Welcomed all

2. Apologies for Absence

Tim Walton – President, Bryan Hull – Vice Chairman, Jules Golbey – Surrey RLO, Sue Fielding – Executive Member, Bath, BHMVC, Motorsport Endeavour, Bournemouth,  Nat West, Devizes , Craven
3. Minutes of Meeting 11th July 2016
These had been circulated prior to the meeting, and were proposed, accepted and signed as a true record. Secretary to email the embedded files from that meeting as some couldn’t open the attachments.


4. Matters Arising from those Minutes
Positive response from other approaches and involvement with scout groups since discussion at prior meeting.
5. Secretary’s Report
Membership applications received from Greenbelt MC Chris Deal  & DRDCC Pat Ward
Written applications including some detail on the activities of each club wer read out by the secretary.
Dave Whyman & Peter Cox propsed / seconded supporting the Green Belt application.
DRDCC proposed by Dave Walton, seconded Andrew Bisping.
Both to be invoiced as 2017 members, i.e. not commencing the last few months of 16.

 6. Championship Secretaries’ Reports

Autotest:  Peter Cox

The ACSMC team won the inter association championship event at the Bath MC event.

Stuart Harrison, Mike Biss and Haydn Marks were the winning team.

B team came third, Peter Cox, Mike Burrows, Ian Harrison.

Championship concluding at Eastbourne event. 20 people scored points so far. Tarmac events were really thin, two Bath events and one other with minimal ACSMC participation. But grass fairly well supported.

Plans in place to continue in 17.


Autosolo: Ian Harrison

Introducing a new championship for 17. Ian has proposed draft regs for comment just now and is hoping for 12 rounds to run and 7 to count. Of course as it is a championship, requires competition licence.


Rallies:    Paul Brown  

No report


Speed:    Dave Whyman 

Hill climb all events finished, sprint events just Castle Combe to come. Championship results looking very close.

Keeping £5 subscription for next year. We had 100 in the two categories this year, continued success of the low charge policy.

MSA have created a very precise standard car definition, which was discussed by the three area championship co-ordinators in the South. Class structures agreed but have caused some ripples. This is the first change in the regs for 7 years.


7. Liaison Officers’ Reports:


Defence Estates:  Richard Field by email:
No changes or updates from Richard’s previous report.


8. RLOs:

Hampshire: Mike Hall –  by email:
Matters proceeding smoothly. Mike is suggesting that all RLOs in ACSMC area should meet to ensure consistent standards applied across the wider region. Do this under ACSMC banner?

Wiltshire:  John Rodgers – No report
Surrey:   Jules Golbey – by email

There are no problems with the roads in Surrey and no areas of concern.  Two events in the diary, a scatter this coming weekend and the London to Brighton Veteran Car Run. So far there have been 30 events this year, 2 or 3 down on last year.
9. Go Motorsport – Andrew Bisping  

MSA Strategic Review

This has been completed and will lead to a programme of activity.

Development themes are a strong focus here which is great.  We need to see what develops out of this.

In light of the above it’s a good time for the Association, Clubs and Volunteers to be conspicuous….


Club of the Year and Volunteer of the Year

Club of the Year (endorsed by Regional Association, no limit on numbers)

The MSA JLT Club of the Year award aims to highlight the fantastic motor sport activity clubs put on over the year, providing opportunities for members to compete, volunteer and socialise.

Who has done something new and special this year?  What about Clubs who build on development activity year-by-year.  How different are they to say five years ago?

Volunteer of the Year  (endorsed by Regional Association, Club or Group, no limit on numbers)
The MSA JLT Volunteer of the Year awards recognise excellence and commitment across the volunteer workforce, the bedrock of British motor sport, and are open to all volunteers. Categories

– Steward / Clerk of the Course
– Technical Official (Scrutineer, Timekeeper etc)
– Marshal
– Medical / Rescue / Recovery / Safety
– Other: for example Under 25s going above and beyond, non-licensed club officials (Event Secretary, Entries Secretary, Club Steward, Club Scrutineer etc.), Committee Member, an Unsung Hero (an individual making a significant volunteering contribution but does not fit into the above categories)

Who shows great energy, drive and commitment in everything they do and goes the extra mile to make things happen?

Deadline for submissions is 31st October.  How many in so far?  Who is working on a nomination?

Disabled Driving

I was lucky enough to attend an AutoSOLO for the Archery GB Paralympic Team at Silverstone a fortnight before they travelled to Rio.

The archers had a great day – as one of them Tweeted it was the best day he’d had since becoming a full time wheelchair user.  Motor sport is unusual in offering the chance for disabled drivers to compete alongside able bodied drivers and I hope Clubs will welcome them.

I included a piece in the last MSA newsletter reminding Clubs of this and the provision for disabled drivers to gain licences.  Budget often isn’t an issue, so it’s worth looking at this.

Grants reminder

Inter Association AutoSOLO won by ACSMC was at Kemble and followed a venue improvement grant to deal with some surface breakup and boost safety.  Application boosted by multi year agreement and multiple clubs using the site.

Training grants – these can cover up to 95% of the cost, but need to be submitted for the next year.

General feedback is the number of grants is generally low so I’d encourage more.


2017 MSA Seminar dates and venues – Clerks and Stewards

Our local venue will be Basingstoke on Saturday 11 February


10. Training – Tony Morriss

Marshals training planned for Sunday 5th February, to include 1st marshal on scene training at Brooklands Museum, Weybridge.

Tony Morris has asked Alan Page if he can become a trainer himself. Alan Page had replied that this was possible with a 2 day training course, but that the MSA were evaluating the current list of trainers and if most of these were stil active would refuse more applications as there are enough people. Further, I accessed the list of Trainers local to the Association and there were a surprising number although they have specific disciplines and perhaps no longer active. Again another couple of frustrating points is that you do not have access to the list of Trainers through the MSA webpage but it’s available through the Volunteers in Motorsport page. Second is that you cannot access the standard training modules on the MSA Webpage unless you have a Trainer’s log in, your members log in will not work.

Andrew Bisping spoke of some improvements to material becoming available by year end, on the MSA website such as course listings because presently not visible.

Training venues here at Weybridge and down at Wiscombe not overly convenient for example for South coast clubs. Can we do Thruxton again? Andrew noted that Middle Wallop had yesterday been used for kart marshal training including using their fire fighting facilities.

ASEMC is organising rally marshals training at Brands Hatch on Sat 26th November.

Multi venue stage rally training for marshals and senior officials (30 pages each) is available on the MSA website.


11. MSA Regional Committee

Club of the Year and Volunteer of the Year Awards pushed. The MSA is keen to see more applications from the Regions this year. The forms for both are available to download from the MSA web-site. Applications must be in by 31st October 2016.

Rally Future feedback: Live tracking systems are nearly in place- just awaiting signing of contracts. Fess for purchase and use of the equipment have been agreed. In-car hardware will be a 1 off purchase of £75 + VAT, which will include future system updates, with a £45 + VAT charge per event for the on-event hire of the tracking equipment. All date received from these systems will be kept for 6 years.

Competitors in major championships (BRC, BHC, MSA Asphalt) will need to have the system in place from Jan 01 2017. From Jan 01 2018, competitors on all forest events and some tarmac events will have to have it. It is unlikely to be needed for “single venue” events.

Formula E has had its last event at Battersea Park, with negotiations on-going as to which cities around the world it will visit next.

Closed Roads: Primary legislation already in place, with the secondary legislation being worked on in the last Parliamentary session this year.

Child Safeguarding: MSA’s policy is being reviewed, with new training sessions being introduced that are more relevant to motor sport. Should be ready for 01 Jan 2017.

Club Development Fund: To be reviewed in 2017 to improve processes, and what can be applied for. RDOs to be more involved in the application processes.

Marshals Registration: Nearly 5,000 marshals have registered using the new system, with 1700+ being completely new registrations. Marshals welcome & recognition packs are ready to be sent out for marshals re-registering for 2017. To include new tabard, registration card, pens, torch, hand warmer. If there is anyone who either cannot or will not use the on-line registration and training programme, there is now a non on-line course available.

MSA CRM system: The new MSA Customer Record Management system is due to be starting in April 2017.

Regulation changes/amendments: Registrations for receiving the e-mail alerts for rule changes, sent out by the MSA has now risen beyond 1,000 people.

Rally Future Forums: The central southern region will not be having on of the current forums in our area, but the MSA has promised that we will be the first Association to host the new type in 2017.

MSA Stewards: The MSA is looking for current Clerks or Officials who are prepared to join the Stewards training scheme to become event specific stewards. Rather than having people who are knowledgeable in all areas of the sport, they are looking to use people who will work in just 1 discipline. For example, Speed, Rallying, Racing etc. Applications are welcome.


12. Treasurer’s Report: Tony Pettie

6 clubs not paid, 5 have contacted to say payment is on its way. Rochester have not replied despite trying to contact the club officials listed in the MSA information.

Sporting Fiat, not a registered MSA club, lost contact details for this club also.

£25000 in the bank at present.


13. Any other business:  

Today, statement from MSA re Rallying in Wales. Rally for Wales will run a dedicated road repair crew with whom organising clubs will deal directly. Innovative approach to resolving the potential impasse between NRW and rallying.

F&DMC commented on successful recruiting of (particularly) young interested people, by organising 4 public events giving passenger rides etc


13. The next meeting will be held at the same venue (Brooklands Museum) on Monday 9th January 2016 at 8 pm


The meeting closed at 10.20 pm


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