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Southern Autotests – 2016 and 2017

Firstly, the awards for the 2016 season will be presented at Brooklands on Sunday, 5th February. Congratulations to the following who have won:

Overall Champion – Brian Sharpe – Doug Worgan Trophy

Runner up – Robert Sharpe – South Bucks MC Trophy

Best on Grass – Anthony Newton – Quaife Trophy

Best South of Thames – Christopher Newton – Steve Redsell Shield

Best Road Car – Andy Elcomb – Steve Redsell Cup

1st in class – Richard Olsen

1st in class – Chris Judge

1st in class – Joy Waiton

1st in class – Bert Greenaway

2nd in class – Derek Looker

Best Novice – Alex Peters


The exact timing is not known at the moment but all will be welcome to look around the Brooklands exhibits before the awards presentation in the afternoon. Would all award winners please let me know if they will be able to attend.

Registration has been received from the MSA for the 2017 Southern Autotest Championship and the regs are here. We have continued with the extra points for beating other competitors in the class whilst the main championship points are still based on the relative position to other championship entrants. At the moment there will be a latish start to the 2017 championship season and if there are clubs that you know of that are running suitable tarmac or grass autotests please get in contact with me. We do regret the clash of dates for two weekends with both tarmac and grass events on at the same time. However, it is not easy to obtain venues and organisers and we hope that you will be able to find 6 events that are suitable for you. Don’t forget that organising/marshalling on a round can also score you points.

I hope to see you at either Brooklands or at an event during 2017.

Happy Autotesting in 2017,


Peter Cox
Southern Autotest Championship


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