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ACSMC Minutes – 9th January 2017



Minutes of General Committee Meeting on 9th January 2017 at Brooklands Museum Commencing at 8.00pm



Steve Castle – Chairman, Bryan Hull – Vice Chairman, Mike Cawthra – Secretary, Tony Pettie – Treasurer, Andrew Bisping – Go Motorsport, Dave Walton – Executive Member,  Dave Whyman – Speed championship coordinator, Tony Morriss – Training, Jules Golbey – Surrey RLO

Also representatives of the following clubs     Farnborough DMC, Vintage Sports Car Club, Renault Alpine, Southsea, Boundless CSMA, Southern, Cranleigh, Guildford, Craven Sutton and Cheam, MCAC.


  1. Chairman’s Remarks

Welcomed all and also noted the sad event on a trial in the West Country this last weekend


  1. Apologies for Absence

Peter Cox – Autotest Championship Co-ordinator, Sue Fielding – Executive Member, Eric Little, Paul Brown – Rallies championship co-ordinator, Ian Harrison – Autosolo championship coordinator

 3. Minutes of Meeting 10th October 2016


These had been circulated after the previous meeting, and were signed as a true record with one small correction to move the lines referencing autosolo inter – association success to the autosolo section (presently in autotest).


  1. Matters Arising from those Minutes

Congratulated Farnborough DMC on being voted the motor club of the year and Devizes MC who were highly commended.


  1. Secretary’s Report

Both new member clubs Greenbelt MC Chris Deal & DRDCC Pat Ward to be invoiced as 2017 members, i.e. not commencing the last few months of 2016. Mike will send Tony contact details of the two clubs so that he can advise them on subs.

DRDCC are having an official launch on 27th January in Norfolk with everyone welcome. They are also looking for donations of second hand racewear. We will put more detail onto the ACSMC Facebook page.

Mike announced his intention to stand down from the secretary post at the AGM in April.


  1. Championship Secretaries’ Reports

Autotest:  Peter Cox

MSA registration has been received for the 2017 ten round Southern Autotest Championship run jointly by the ACSMC and ASEMC.  At the moment there are 5 tarmac and 5 grass events planned with a mixture of Nat B and Clubman status events. There are some date clashes with two weekends of both tarmac and grass events. However, with venues difficult to obtain it may not be possible to change dates. Note that all championship entrants must have an MSA licence.


Autosolo: Ian Harrison

 New type of championship for us in place thanks to Ian’s initiative, including 12 events Being advertised to the membership on Facebook, website and to our email distribution.


Rallies:    Paul Brown

Championship kicks off with Brands Hatch and has a good spread of events going as far as Jersey.


Speed:    Dave Whyman

2016 winners have been notified and awards ordered.

2017 regs with MSA before Christmas. New class structure recommended to event organisers and calendar issued.

Thanks were passed to Dave for navigating his way through some difficult discussions on class structure.


  1. Liaison Officers’ Reports:

 Defence Estates:  Richard Field

Noted by Steve Castle – needing to work 6 months in advance for events at Rushmoor to get all details in place.

DIO Liaison Officer’s report, for Army Training sites controlled from Longmoor: The increases in fees for motorised events, in the South East training area, introduced during 2016, continue to apply. At this early stage in 2017, I’m not aware of any further changes in fees or procedures.


  1. RLOs:

Hampshire: Mike Hall


Wiltshire:  John Rodgers
Surrey:   Jules Golbey

4 events so far announced for this year. Triumph cars and Minis included.

All events were trouble free last year

  1. Go Motorsport – Andrew Bisping


2017 MSA Seminar dates and venues – Clerks and Stewards

Our local venue is Basingstoke on Saturday 11 February.

So far 39 people have reserved places against a capacity of 80.  This is a good level of support and it will be good if people can please reserve the remaining places sooner rather than later

Club of the Year 

Last time we were here I encouraged Club of the Year submissions and I’m pleased to say a number of ACSMC Clubs applied.  Overall winners were Farnborough and District MC and Devizes and District were Highly Commended.

Congratulations to all nominees and especially the successful ones.

Goodwood Marshals Club

I went to their training in early December, which saw a record number of 164 people sign on and I wanted to highlight a common factor with the Club of the Year winners.

They have all actively promoted themselves, to new audiences, and done this alongside running a full programme of events.

This showed the benefit of clubs actively seeking to promote and publicise their activities and I’d actively encourage and support you where I can in doing the same with your clubs.


Southsea MC

I was doing my MSA report after visiting the Southsea MC AutoSOLO subcommittee.  They were looking at things like new venues, developing additional, young, officials and improving the operational efficiency of events.  I was really impressed with their energy, enthusiasm, involvement of younger members and the willingness of many people to take-on actions.

When I wrote it up I realised there was no ‘rocket science’ in what they were doing; there was nothing flashy.  But what they were doing was sharing the workload and making incremental improvements, year after year and this can be really worthwhile, to give competitors and volunteers great events.


Future diary

Looking ahead I’ll be off to the NEC on Wednesday morning for five days at the Autosport Show.  The AutoSOLO will run outside once again, demonstrating to visitors how they can take part at low cost in their normal roadgoing cars and indoors I hope there will be lots of good conversations on the MSA stand.

We have the briefings and marshal training back here at Brooklands on Sunday 5th Feb  along with the ACSMC awards in the afternoon.

Then on Saturday 11 February it’s the 2017 MSA Seminar for Clerks and Stewards at Basingstoke.


…and finally

Going back to where we started there’s lots of evidence of Clubs that think about their development and plan actions earning the rewards of a growing membership and stronger events.

I’m planning my schedule across the year, and if you have that mindset too let’s work together to further develop motor sport across the region.

For Autosport international show, discussion again about how to get lists of names of people who have, for example, taken a passenger ride in Autosolo and how drivers for that effort get nominated, could Associations play a role? Andrew will check whether a list will be issued, he is hopeful.

  1. Training – Tony Morriss

Fire training at BARC Marshals Training weekend at Thruxton Circuit on Sunday 5th March.

First on scene training before the awards ceremony at Brooklands Museum, Sunday 5th February

Oxford 23rd April British Rally Marshals training


11. MSA Regional Committee

No meeting since our last meeting so nothing to report.


  1. Treasurer’s Report: Tony Pettie

Rochester MC have now resigned from the Association as wound up.


  1. Any other business:
  1. 2017 is our 60th The Executive have chosen a revised logo for all decals, correspondence, membership cards and some clothing will be produced. Also thinking about a modernised logo to succeed this anniversary one, for 2018. Dave Whyman noted that the company who have helped us with the logo also displayed to us an opportunity to think about (social) media services that we could employ, modernise every interface that we have. Website spec needed from the Executive too.
  1. Steve Castle talked about taking the grass roots level motorsport to an audience of the previously unknowing general public who might have a general interest with perhaps what they see on the TV but have no idea that they can compete, starting in their road car. Suggested Association would pay for stands at public events for any club, or even better group of clubs, that is prepared to put some real effort and enthusiasm into it.

VSCC (Kevin Lee) putting on Autosolos (not only for vintage cars) at racing venue events to promote interest in that form of entry level sport. E.g. Silverstone 22/23 April. ACSMC would be welcome to attend and promote.

  1. Wednesday 14th June 7pm will be ACSMC 60th anniversary summer event at Brooklands museum open to anyone who has competed on any of our championships, current club members. Please bring any interesting cars of all types including trailing race cars. Free (once) BBQ, some of the museum exhibits should be open. Free to anyone with a valid ACSMC Club membership card
  2. Goodwood Marshals Club have asked us to circulate that they do have a MSA approved Rescue Unit for Hire and the contact details for this are Richard March tel 01329234413 mobile 07812202159 or email


  1. Future Dates:

The next meeting will be held at the same venue (Brooklands Museum) on Monday 10th April 2016 at 8 pm

 July 10th at a venue around the Basingstoke area to get closer to the membership.
9th October
The meeting closed at 10.30



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