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Autosolo – Round 1 Report – DDMC Event Kemble

Devizes & District Motor Club were blessed with good weather for their event at Kemble, which thankfully gave everyone a good day. As the opening event for our new ACSMC Championship, it was a good starter for the season and with 52 cars running there was strong competition across the board. 24 of the cars taking part came from the Nat B section of the event and with 11 of those from the ACSMC registered contenders it got our new championship off to a good start.

Class B saw some of the closest competition and Alan Wakeman, Steve Conner and Richard Olsen were the main contenders for the top slot. But Alan set the mark on the first test of the day opening a lead, which left Steve and Richard trying hard to catch up. Though the times were a lot closer in the afternoon tests, Alan was unbeatable and took the class win a good 10 seconds clear of Steve. With Richard and Emma Olsen locking out the 3rd and 4th in class positions.

Chris Elkins in his rapid Focus RS showed the Class C drivers how it should be done and had a close battle with the BTRDA pairing of Richard and Jamie Yapp. An excellent second test put Chris a good 13 seconds ahead of Jamie, a lead he was hold until the finish.

In Class D/E the surprise of the day came from Ian Harrison taking a lead over son Stuart. Normally, Harrison junior trounces the old man, but for once the tables were turned as Stuart spun on run 1 and 3 of test 1. Showing that age can overcome youth, Ian took full advantage of Stuart’s problems and stormed into a lead. Finding more speed than usual Ian went on to command a lead for the event and though Chris in is Focus and Jim Bryant in his Mazda MX were hot on his rear wheels it
was Ian who took FTD. With Chris 2nd overall and Jim taking 1st in Class D and 3rd overall.

Neil Brown was at Kemble for the first time, so it was a new challenge for him and his Puma, but finding the event more of a challenge was Haydn Marks in his BMW 318. Still getting use to rear wheel drive it is fair to say that Haydn, if there was one, would have taken the award for most entertaining drive of the day.

After this first round we have four people sharing the lead on 10 points, Alan, Ian, Chris and Jim. The next round the Bath MC event on the 9th April, should will see more fun and battles at Kemble and this will be followed up by the Oxford MC event at Finmere on 23rd April.

Ian Harrison
ACSMC Autosolo Championship Secretary


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