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Autotest 2017 Information & Downloads

 Download the ACSMC Autotest Championship 2017 information pack
Download the Autotest Championship 20167 Entry Form

Championship Contact : Peter Cox EMAIL

Latest Championship News (10th October 2017)

After the Woolbridge event was cancelled due to a shortage of entries there is just one round left in the 2017 championship and that is the Eastbourne & Ram Conrod Autotests on grass at  Clear Hedge Farm, Horam. Regs and entry form are attached for a chance to get those last minute points.  There is also an online entry system at the club website (

The latest championship points are also attached which shows that Brian Sharpe has a commanding lead but that second spot is close between Robert Sharpe and Alex Peters.

Best of luck to all our entrants on Sunday,


Latest Championship points (10th october 2017)
Click Here (Excel Format)

Autotest 2017 Championship Calendar

1 Harrow CC/MCAC TBA
2 Eastbourne & Ram (Grass) 21st May
3 Bath MC 16th July
4 Sevenoaks & DMC (Grass) 6th August
5 boundless by CXMA (North London) 20th August
6 Maidstone & Mid Kent (Grass) 20th August
7 Tunbridge Wells MC (Grass) 10th September
8 Loughborough CC 10th September
9 Bath MC 24th September
10 Eastbourne & Ram (Grass) 9th October

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