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ACSMC Minutes – 9th October 2017


Minutes of General Committee Meeting on 9th October 2017 at Brooklands Museum commencing at 8.00pm



Stephen Castle- Chairman, Tony Pettie- Treasurer, Jess Castle- Secretary, Peter Cox – Autotest Championship Co-ordinator, Dave Whyman Speed Championship Co-ordinator, Andrew Bisping – Go Motorsport, Tony Morris – Training Officer

Also representatives of the following clubs

Boundless by CSMA Southern, C1 Racing Club, 2CV Racing Club, Southern Car Club, Dolphin MC, Basingstoke MC, Farnborough DMC, Renault Alpine OC, V.S.C.C.


  1. Chairman’s Remarks

Welcomed everyone, asked how they all thought the last meeting in Basingstoke went? Overall feeling was that it worked very well and lots of people were very happy that the meeting was more central. Thanked Peter for stepping in at the last minute and taking notes in the absence of secretary.


  1. Apologies for Absence

Ian Harrison Autosolo Championship co-ordinator

Bournemouth and District Car club

Devizes and District Motor Club

Bath Motor Club

Herts County Auto and Aero Club


  1. 3. Minutes of Meeting 10th July 2017

 These had been circulated after the previous meeting, and were agreed as being a true record.


  1. Matters Arising from those Minutes

Treasurer and Secretary to liaise come up with a list of clubs.

Tony Morris asked if he could have this list and their email addresses.

Have asked if they could please have a realistic job description for the Chairman’s job, this would give the association something to have a look at and help where needed.

Need a Communication Manager that can have a look after social media.

2 potential sprint venues- Suze brought these to our attention.

If clubs are having a look at new venues then could possibly have a look around before for free?


  1. Secretary’s Report

Nothing to report at this time


  1. Championship Secretaries’ Reports


Paul Brown- Rally Championship Co-ordinator

The rally championship is progressing nicely with two rounds to go. In total there are 13 drivers and 11 co-drivers entered into this year’s championship. Abingdon saw a good turnout of competitors from the competitors from the championship however the last two rounds saw very poor attendance from the championship competitors with there being no contenders in the last round in wales. We are constantly seeking new ideas to encourage more entries and would welcome any suggestions. One on-going idea is to centralise more events that are entered into the championship however with the continuing loss of venues this would risk there not being many rounds in the championship. Another suggestion is to investigate the requirements (and any restrictions) in including Junior crews into the championship in the hope that they will continue competing as their rallying careers progress. We are always open to new idea of how to progress things.

At present there has been no confirmed volunteer to take over the running of the championship when I stand down at the end of the year.

Autosolo report:

In place of Ian Harrison, who is awaiting hospital treatment, Peter Cox reported that after 11 rounds Steve Conner (Ford Puma) has ended up winning the championship by just 1 point from the Nissan Micra of Alan Wakeman.  Alan has suffered from small numbers competing in Class A and then having his score based on amalgamation with the more powerful cars in Class B.  The 11 events chosen with a Nat B section had been those held in or close to the ACSMC area but two of them still had no championship entrants competing (Brands Hatch and Sept Farnborough).

There were 12 registered for 2017 and the championship was considered worthwhile. It was considered that one of the main deterrents for registering is the need for a MSA licence.

Simon Taylor (Farnborough) proposed that for 2018 a competitor who had not had a MSA licence before could have the fee refunded after they had competed on 2 rounds of the ACSMC championship.  This was agreed and Peter will draft a paragraph for the 2018 regulations.

Autotest report

Peter Cox reported that the bad news was that the Inter Association Autotest event due to be held on the 8th October and run by Woolbridge CC did not have a single entry and was cancelled. In the past the event has run in association with a BTRDA championship round.  The event was also a Sothern Championship round and the cancellation meant that there has only been 2 tarmac rounds in the 2017 Southern Championship, both of them BTRDA and taking place in the Midlands area. To his knowledge Peter only knew of 1 tarmac autotest taking place south of the M4 in 2017. However, grass events have been well supported and the final championship positions will depend on the final round on the 15th October.

Peter promised to report back to the Chairman on the numbers of registered entrants over the previous years.

Speed:    Dave Whyman

60 sprinters 20 Hillclimbers

4 0f 17 rounds were cancelled but unsure as to why.

Seems to be that the selection process is not fair.

Next years calendar is in process at the moment.

Unsure of the way the class structure is and the way that they have been broken up. Not sure if it actually worked. Now that the year is nearly over and have gone through it all it seems to be that it has worked but need to make sure it is clarified for 2018 and that this is more clear. Need to find out from the MSA what they want and how they want things to be done.

Unfortunately Dave was not selected to sit on the speed committee.


  1. Liaison Officers’ Reports:

 Defence Estates: Richard Field

Richard provided an update on the current situation with regard to bookings for the use of MOD land and training sites around the region, and how the relationship is developing with DIO and Landmarc following the departure of some of the employees within the organisation. Anyone who is interested in using MOD land for events should contact Richard for further details of how the process should work.


  1. RLOs:

Hampshire: Mike Hall

There is little out of the ordinary to report. The 12-car scene continues to be very active, but sadly a recent attempt to promote a Nat B road event was the victim of a lack of entries, despite a lot of time and effort being invested in it. There are currently no stage events in Hampshire, but the county sees its share of long-distance events passing through- London to Lisbon, 1000 Mile trial, etc. There have been no PR issues recently, long may this continue.


Wiltshire: John Rodgers – No report

Surrey: Jules Golbey – No report


  1. Go Motorsport – Andrew Bisping

Key Activity since last meeting

The summer season has been the busiest time for Clubs getting-out and meeting new people at shows and events, as several ACSMC clubs did here at Brooklands with the Autumn Motorsport Day yesterday.

One of the things that is key, is signaling to people what they can do next and I can give examples:

An out of area kart club ran a Go Carting event in the school summer holidays, giving youngsters the chance to try a kart. After the experience the club members were really good at highlighting when the families could do the same thing again, but also how they could progress to test days and then move, step-by-step into racing.

Also, while I was talking to some of the Camberley Kart Club members here yesterday one of the youngsters came over and offered me the 2018 fixture list. He could also give really clear advice on the steps I should take if I had a youngster of my own wanting to start in the sport. He was very impressive.

I often find it is this ‘de-mystifying’ of our sport that’s key to showing people it’s not as hard to get started as they may have talked themselves into believing.

Some signposting of what to do, with a few simple ‘next steps’ can work wonders.

Club and volunteer of the year

Registrations are coming-in now with the deadline of 31st Oct. ACSMC Clubs did really well in 2016 of course with the overall winner and a highly commended, so I’d love to see the same sort of performance again.

One thing I’d highlight for both awards is the guidance notes.

Volunteers has its own list too.

I think it’s a pretty fair guess that is effectively the ‘marking scheme’ for the award. If you remember back to your school exams and some coaching on understanding the mindset of the examiner and how your paper would be marked, then you have the same thing here.

So I’d really encourage you to give strong evidence, with multiple examples, against these criteria to build your submission on.

Please let me know if I can help, with advice, or maybe reviewing a draft submission for you.


  1. Training – Tony Morriss

Need to look at getting the training forum back up and running. There is a training day 10th December at Brooklands. This will be first person on the scene training along with fire training.

Need to have a look into training for people who want to marshal but are not online for whatever reason. There are 2/3 days that we are looking at for next year.


  1. MSA Regional Committee

Report on the 16th August Regional Committee Meeting

Non-Championship Stage Rallies – The Rally Championship Steering Group will be looking at the dates of all Stage Rallies, as the start of rally tracking system will mean that clashes will have to be avoided. The Chairman asked that the dates of events are passed onto him and Ian Davis at the MSA. This way the MSA will be able to make a decision on whether the tracking system will be required on events. Currently, only the major championships will be added to the calendar, not Regional Championships.

Economic Impact Surveys – A template is available to be passed out to all clubs running events, so they can survey competitors on the financial benefit of the sport to their local area. The results of these surveys should be passed to the Secretary for forwarding to the MSA.

Benefits of Competing on MSA Permitted Events – There is concern that people are competing on non-MSA permitted event to avoid over-regulation. There are organisations that run non-MSA events at Licenced venues, such as sprints and rally days, that do not offer the benefits that come with a permit.

At the time of the meeting, there were 9,487 Marshals registered with the MSA across all disciplines, with 6544 of these being Rally Marshals. There has been a good response from Registered Marshals to the Marshals Welcome Packs. This will continue being run until 31st December this year, with a new project to be launched to ensure the ongoing engagement with marshals.

Tracking system – A live demonstration of the system had been made in June, with additional testing still to be carried out. There is still no date available as to when the system will be implemented. The Chief Executive also commented later in the meeting that the first club that will need to use the system would be given plenty of notice of introducing the system, so it does not come as a surprise. The use of a tracking system was one of the recommendations from the Scottish Government, and after a selection process Kwik Trak was chosen as the company to provide the system.

Stage Rally Safety Requirements – The 3rd of the SRSRs came into effect on the 1st July. No further changes are expected until after the Fatal Accident Inquiry results are published. The process of vehicle seeding on events will be reviewed after the inquiry had published its conclusions.

Fatal Accident Enquiry – This started on the 17th July and has been attended by Simon Blunt of the MSA on each day. It had been reported that the Sheriff in charge of the Inquiry had a high understanding of Rallying. Reports of the proceedings could be found on the BBC website, but some of it was very sensationalist. The enquiry has involved a large cost and 3 years of work, and is likely to result in multiple recommendations.

Closed Roads – The first event under the new regulations was organised through the ACU. The Welsh Government put the proposed legislation out for consultation.

Club and Volunteer of the Year Awards 2017 – All clubs are encouraged to supply nominations for this year’s awards, with entry closing at the end of October. For clubs nominating themselves, the details will need to be sent to either the Secretary or Chairman for forwarding on. Volunteer nominations, can be done through the clubs.

Volunteer Recognition – In May, a monthly prize draw for all MSA Registered Marshals was introduced, with all being entered automatically for it. Winner’s details are shared through the MSA newsletter. Prizes have been donated by F1, WRC & WEC teams. Further recognition/retention initiatives will be introduced. These will include stickers for renewing Registered Marshals.

Training – Further Safety Car classes are due to take place in Blackburn, Cambridge and Jersey. Event Safety/Spectator Safety Officer training is being planned, with relevant information to be sent out to Clerks of the Course and Regional Associations. Rescue & Recover Training weekend was due to have taken place in September. A training instructors course will be held later in the year. On-line training sessions are being designed for various areas are being designed for launch in 2018. Applications for BMSTT supported training days are open.

MSA Safeguarding Policy – This was updated in May. Information session will be held in late 2017 and early 2018. All clubs are reminded of the necessity to have a registered Safeguarding Officer. The application forms for this can be found on the MSA website.

Historic Committee – Much time has been spent debating the safety requirements for older vehicles and proposed regulations were to be presented to the MSC. (These have subsequently been published and are available to view via the MSA website.) For events running a Historic class the need to appoint a Historic Eligibility Scrutineer has been approved by Rallies Committee, but is due to be discussed by other disciplines. The committee had also discussed the reduction in Category 1 Historic vehicles competing on rallies due to seeding requirements.

Inter Association Events – still to happen.

ASWMC Autotest – Event planned for 8th October at Blandford.

AEMC Autocross – No host event had been found.

Rally Future – The original plan was to allow a period of stability once the 3rd edition had been published, but further annexes will need to be added. These will include the Radio Operations Guide, drops into water and tracking. The FIA change back to red flags was due to be discussed by rallies committee. Since the need for mandatory drivers briefings had come into effect, it seems the number of vehicle contacts on stages has reduced.

Closed Roads – Several proposals under the new legislation have been proposed, the majority of which have been declined. There has been an application for a Stage Rally to take place in Essex, on the 22nd April 2018, supported by Essex & Tendring Council.

Items from other Associations – ANECCC. Disabled “Blue Badge” holders with mobility issues had expressed concern that they were being asked to re-build junctions & other marshals duties while acting as a Radio Marshal, presenting them with difficulties. It was suggested that such people should be placed at Mandatory Radio Points, accompanied by other marshals. This would require clubs to look at their marshal provisions & planning in greater depth. This will be looked at in further Stage Commander & Radio Operator Training.

Rally Forums – The Chairman asked the question about future Rally Forums. There are no further Forums planned for 2017, but once the Scottish FAI has concluded and the report published and digested, further Forums will be considered.

  1. Treasurer’s Report: Tony Pettie

 No report received from Tony, but all figures were similar to previous. In future, figures will be read out at the meeting, but will not be recorded in the minutes due to phishing e-mails received asking for large amounts of money to be transferred into separate accounts.

Isle of Wight 4 by 4 club have resigned.

Cleve MSC and Renault Alpine OC have not paid their 2017 subs.

Historic Lotus and Wessex we have heard nothing from.

Some association member clubs are not MSA registered and do not have to be.

Meyrick Cox who is chairman for 2CV Racing club and C1 Racing Club Limited has joined us for the meeting to support their application to join the Association. Their membership was proposed by Richard Field and Seconded by Dave Whyman.


  1. Any other business:

 Steve Castle has been asked to compile a report for the MSA Annual Report

This will include:

  • Club of the year
  • Clubs working with Andrew at Go Motorsport
  • 12 Car rallies doing really well
  • Encouraging team relationships between clubs
  • Grass routes motorsport
  • Youngsters being encouraged to join in with the sport
  • Clubs being able to promote themselves and the sport


  1. Next Meeting Date: Meeting & Training dates for 2018

 Monday 8th January – General Committee Meeting at Brooklands Museum

Monday 9th April – AGM & General Committee Meeting at Brooklands Museum

Monday 9th July – General Committee Meeting. “Away meeting” possibly in the Basingstoke area again

Monday 8th October – General Committee Meeting

Sunday 4th February – 2017 Annual Awards Presentation afternoon at Brooklands Museum

 Sunday 4th February – Marshals Training Day at Brooklands Museum

Sunday 2nd December – Marshals Training Day at Brooklands Museum


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