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Autotest 2019 Championship – Bulletin

First, a warm welcome to the 5 new registration received so far this year. 

The first two rounds have been on tarmac with the Harrow CC/MCAC all forwards event at Bovingdon and the national championship/clubmans event at Silverstone put on by Mike Biss and his team from the Boundless by CSMA (North London) team.  The points after these two rounds are attached (link).

Now it is the start of the grass season with the Eastbourne & Ram Spring event on the 16th May.  Regs (link) and entry form (link) are attached.

A reminder that for 2019 there is no requirement to having a Motorsport UK competition licence so encourage you fellow club members to have a go, there is no registration fee.  To assist you, the championship regs (link) and entry form (link).   If you have any queries re car eligibility or other things then please give me a ring on 07713 608302. 

Hoping to see you all at an event in 2019.


Peter Cox
Southern Autotest Championship secretary

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