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Speed Championship Update

Below are the final results for the Sprint and Hillclimb championships:


Hillclimb Championship 2019 Positions – Click Here (PDF)
Hillclimb 2019 Awards – Click Here (PDF)
Sprint Championship 2019 Positions – Click Here (PDF)
Sprint 2019 Awards – Click Here (PDF)


Many congratulations to all, and particularly to our sponsor, Alastair Flack at Hamilton Motorsport. For completeness, would award winners please confirm receipt.

The award ceremony will be at Brooklands Museum either late January or early February. I will confirm the date when I know.

Could I ask all award winners to send me a picture of their car (preferably in action). These will be displayed when you collect the award. I will also send these attachments to our webmaster for inclusion on this, our website.

The ceremony and free attendance to the museum is available to all contenders and their family and friends.

I am a little behind in my submission to Motorsports UK with the 2020 ACSMC regulations. I have a calendar which needs confirmation from the organisers. The class structures will be essentially the same as this year – will need to use the new vocabulary – National B = Interclub etc. I normally get approval in early January (I hope) – you will be the first to know!

Finally, I am chief marshal for the Mini Tempest at Rushmoor on December 29th. Contact me if you would like to help – you will collect 5 points towards the 2020 championships!



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