ACSMC Autotest – Championship Update

This season has seen some big changes in the running of events for the Southern Autotest championship.  So far both the tarmac rounds have been lost – but maybe there will be one at the end of the year when Maidstone and Mid-Kent organise an event at the end of October.

So far there have been 2 rounds and the latest, very provisional,  points scores are attached.  With the doubt about events running I haven’t received all your registration forms so I have added all those who have registered before  in the table.  Of course, this does make quite a difference as points are scored relative to other championship entrants.  The bonus points of beating others in the class on the day are not affected.   I will wait a couple of weeks before revising the table to include just those registered competitors.  For those who would like to register and claim points for the first 2 rounds please use the attached registration form, fill it up and email it back to me.

Now to the future with regs and entry form for the next Eastbourne & Ram event on the 4th October at Clear Hedge Farm, Horam.

Let’s hope that the weather stays fair for us on the final rounds and that you all have a good day’s sport.

Latest points : Click Here



Peter Cox
Southern Autotest Championship secretary

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