2021 Southern Autotest Championship – June Update

With plenty of events going on it’s been a busy time scoring all the rounds.  The latest provisional scores are attached after the Maidstone evening event.  As the scoring is related to the championship entrants we have made the assumption that there must be some forms that maybe have not reached us yet.  So, a very polite reminder to Des Cricker, Jamie Woolley, Dave and Toby Cook and Steve Burles to send a completed email with the completed form – a copy is attached to help you click here!

Provisional Autotest championship points – Round 4

It was good to meet up with Susan Gibbard at the FIA Motorsport Games team selection event at Finmere last Sunday where the 9 contenders all drove a BMW Mini over the Autosolo course set up by Oxford MC for their Bolero Autosolo event.  It was the best total of 2 runs from the 3 which counted and Susan just missed out on being the best lady to Laura Christtmas who will accompany Mark King to represent the UK in the Slalom part of the event at the Paul Ricard circuit  later on in the year.  Autiotester Stephen Watts was also competing and came in 6th place.  

Good luck to all the Southern championship entrants at Brands next Thursday for the next evening round of the championship.  



Peter Cox
Southern Autotest Championship secretary

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