ACSMC AutoSOLO Championship after Round 3

It was a good day down at Brooklands for the 14 points scorers at the Farnborough DMC Concorde AutoSOLO.  Special mention must go to Steve Burles who won Class C in his Citroen C2  and Matthew Hall who won class D in his modern Mini Cooper.. However,  I did hear some bigger cheers from a young lad for Peter Manning in his more class shaped Mini!

The latest points scores are here.  You will see the confirmation that the Basingstoke Thruxton event will not be running this year as a result of the changing calendar dates needed for race meetings.  

The next weekend of competition is on the 18th July with both the Farnborough DMC Bordon event and the EMCOS Cheltenham racecourse events on. The entry list for the EMCOS event is already open with 27 people entered so far.  For the Farnborough event it is likely that under the current pandemic MOD/Landmark format it will be split into 2 halves with 30 people (22 competitors) on site for the morning and afternoon sessions. It is planned to have all the ACSMC championship entrants in one session where relative class points will be scored but that bonus points for competitors beaten on the day will be based on the combined results from the 2 sessions.  

I see on Facebook that the Bath MC Summer AutoSOLO entry list will open on the 1st July so make a note of that in your diary for this popular event at Kemble.  

Finally, there is still no news as to whether the CARnival weekend at Abingdon can be fitted into the filming sequences at Dalton barracks.  I’ll let you know as soon as possible if anything happens there. 

Meanwhile, I hope you all enjoy the summer of AutoSOLO events.



Peter Cox
ACSMC AutoSOLO Championship secretary

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