2021 Southern Autotest Championship – August Update

After sending you all the news a couple of days ago there have been some important updates.

The first is that the Maidstone & Mid Kent MC have been able to put on their event from June which did not run due to the weather and which now will be run on the 11th August as a round of the championship.  Full details and entry form are at https://www.mmkmc.co.uk/index.php/events/112-2021-grass-autotest.  Note that entries close this coming Friday..  

This now means there are 2 rounds left in the Evening section of the championship, the other being the Sevenoaks event on the 12th August.   

The second is that a query has been raised as to the number of events which will count for the evening awards.  There is no specific number in the championship regs and so it has been decided that the best 7 of the possible 9 rounds will count for the evening event awards. At the moment that means that almost 1/3 of the championship entrants will be able to score the full 7.  If either of the 2 remaining events do not run then the situation will be reviewed.  The attached update of the championship table should make it easier to see the situation regarding the evening events. Click here 

One thing which hasn’t changed is the weather – dry one day wet the next.  Let’s hope for some of that dry stuff for the next few months!



Peter Cox
Southern Autotest Championship secretary

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