ACSMC AutoSOLO Championship – August Update

Link to the points after the Bath MC round at Kemble on Sunday. 

There were not so many championship entrants scoring as several were up at the Hatsford Targa Rally which took place on the grass fields of a farm.  Tests were up to 8miles long but I have to admit the surface was not as smooth as Kemble!  And Kemble doesn’t have trees and gate posts to avoid!

For the rest of the season there is still doubt about the Abingdon CARnival and Southern CC rounds running.  There has been a new event announced in our area, the Bristol MC event at Wroughton on the 19th September.  Wroughton is not far off the M4 motorway near Swindon and could compliment our local venues.  Would competitors be happy for this event to be included in the championship for this year?  Let me know your thoughts on this by the end of this week (15th August).  



Peter Cox
ACSMC AutoSOLO championship secretary

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