Southern Auotest Bulletin – October

Congratulations go to Brian Sharpe in his Micra who has won the Southern Autotest championship for the eighth conductive time (and 9 in total).  Brian has been a keen supporter of grassroots motorsport and this year competed in all 16 of the events run – it has taken some time to work out his best 7 scores!  His name will be on another shield added to the base of the magnificent Doug Worgan Trophy.  The overall runner up, Paul Hebden wins the South Bucks Trophy  for the first time as well as being the winner of the evening series and the ASEMC trophy.  He maybe benefited from the dry conditions for his MX5 but there was often a large class of sports cars to beat and his awards are well deserved. Mike Thomas deserves a mention supporting the championship from his home north of the Thames and wins the Harrow Car Club shield. 

Congratulations go to all the award winners and many thanks go to all the clubs who have put on events during 2022. 

If you are still keen to keep that handbrake working there are more events on offer for the next couple of months.  The first one is the grass event put on by boundless by CSMA on Sunday, 23rd October at a new venue just south of Milton Keynes.  The second one is at a more familiar Ashford Livestock Market on Saturday, 19th November.  Renowned expert autotester, Dave Cook is the C of C for this one which is being run as a potential event in the 2023 championship.  Regs and details for both events are also attached and include a nice picture flyer which you can pass on to your friends to entice them into motorsport.  

Finally, thanks go to all entrants for making the 2022 Southern Autotest Championship a success.   

Here’s to 2023! Any suggestions for improvements are welcome.



Peter Cox & Toby Groves
Southern Autotest Championship

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