Association Info

The Association of Central Southern Motor Clubs (ACSMC) brings together the clubs in central southern England for a variety of reasons:

  • We seek to develop our sport across the area for the collective good of our clubs, competitors and volunteers.
  • We organise regional championships across many different types of motor sport.
  • We support each other in the organisation and promotion of events.
  • We become a collective voice in the two-way dialogue with Motorsport UK, our governing body.
  • Clubs coming-together and talking to each other is a great way of sharing knowledge and experience.
  • We arrange training events.

Looking ahead, we are seeking to boost the range of information and support we can provide to our clubs.  We have a number of volunteers lined-up to act as mentors and become the ‘go to’ people for help and advice in their particular areas of expertise.

We’re also strengthening the relationship with our neighbouring Regional Associations to collaborate and share some of these ideas and spread the workload among us.

The Association Clubs meet quarterly and during the current Covid-19 pandemic this had moved from being face-to-face to using Zoom technology.  As this becomes a greater part of daily life, we’ve found this has helped boost attendance at our meetings, as it removes the need to travel and cuts-down on the time commitment.

Please talk to any of the ACSMC team listed on this website to find out more about how you can become involved.

Executive & Officers

Andrew Bisping (also Regional Committee Delegate) & Mark Baulch
e-mail:chair@acsmc.comTelephone: Andrew: 07804 833737, Mark: 07789 901341
Honorary Secretary :   Vacancy
Honorary Treasurer :  Tony Pettie
Telephone: 01895-271346
Championship Co-ordinators 
Autocross : Colin Anderson
Telephone: 07717 510350
Autotest & Autosolo : Peter Cox
Telephone: 01488-72027
Speed : David Whyman
Telephone: 07831-671308 
Stage Rallies : Mark Baulch & Mark Cone
e-mail :
Telephone: 07789 901341
Training : Keith Bradley
Subject Matter Expert Coordinator : Steve Castle
Telephone: 07976-388849
Executive Member : David Walton
Telephone: 01276 471131
Executive Member : Sue Fielding
Telephone:   01252 620625

Liaison Officers

Defence Estates : Richard Field
Telephone: 0118 9873066
Longcross Liasion :  Barry Guess
e-mail :
Telephone: 01252 727390
Webmaster : Mark Sims
e-mail :

Motorsport UK Route Liaison Officers

Dorset : Darren Loveys
Tel : 01202-721349
Hampshire : Mike Hall
Tel : 0118 9712747
Surrey & Sussex : Matthew Fowle
Tel : 01730814673
Wiltshire : John Rogers
Tel : 01225 782358
Thames Valley : Simon Bradley
Tel :  01993 702722