Southern Auotest Bulletin – May

It was good to see a number of registered and potential championship contenders out on the first evening autotest round of the Southern Autotest championship which was run by the Sevenoaks &DMC at Brands Hatch on the 28th April.  There has been a change in the events list  for the evening rounds so that competitors will not have to do 2, or even 3! events in one week. We will be counting  4 events from each of the organizing Sevenoaks, Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells clubs.  The events to count are listed below.

E1Sevenoaks & District MC 28-Apr
E2Sevenoaks & District MC 19-May
E3Tunbridge Wells MC24-May
E4Maidstone & Mid Kent 01-Jun
E5Sevenoaks & District MC 16-Jun
E6Tunbridge Wells MC21-Jun
E7Maidstone & Mid Kent 29-Jun
E8Maidstone & Mid Kent 13-Jul
E9Tunbridge Wells MC19-Jul
E10Sevenoaks & District MC 28-Jul
E11Maidstone & Mid Kent 12-Aug
E12Tunbridge Wells MC16-Aug

The points scored on the first event are in the attached file where you will see that those displayed in bold print are the championship contenders who have already sent in their registration forms – many thanks. 

Latest Points

All that it needs now is for the weather to play its part and allow us all to have a full season of events.


Peter Cox & Toby Groves
Southern Autotest Championship

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